Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A collection of information units makes an experience

Explaining: a composable information unit is a bunch of data received by a virtual sensor installed on the virtual simulation environment (the car with the simple shape of a box). This info is transformed into a DTO that generalize the concept of information into a "composable information unit" (CIU, CIU can be CIU obtained by a read or write operation: CIU(r), CIU(w) ), neutralizing the specificity. In a unit of time (a clock class capture them) several iformation are received, usually of different type. All the info collected in a unit of time are grouped together to build a so called "experience". Experiences will be all saved to make a knowledge base that will be source-agnostic. We will call this collection a "composable information unit chain": a chain of CIUC. Every CIU and CIUC has a timestamp as a reference on the time axis. So every CIU and CIUC has an age. Let's now think about how to work on the several obtained CIUC.

I'm thinking about introducing "generations" for CIUC as well as for generations for the steps I make refining my theory, producing a new version of it every time.