Sunday, January 18, 2009

Natural selection of better software units in the composable information unit theory

It is not so common to have to think to natural selection theory, if you are not in the traffic. Yes. It is not something complex but interesting for me, so I take note to avoid to forget, here in my composable information studying journal. In a community the weakest unit dies to allow the community to have more change to survive (the community makes it die). The selection is performed by the swarm itself, like to say that the swarm makes choices. Swarm makes choices ? So swarm has conscience ? I correct: so the swarm has an its own intelligence ? Who gaves it to the swarm ? If no one gaves to the swarm any intelligence, is this a sort of side effect of the single intelligences of the units that compose the group ? There is a trend so of all the units to go in a "direction", in that way instead of a different one ? Moreover, according to natural selection the weakest units are selected to be abandoned because not productive for the whole swarm ? So the swarm knows which unit is weak, and so knows about every unit ? It really seems to me that the swarm projects over itself a super entity that is an emanation of all the units. This is like the behaviour of all the units creates its own GOD in a trend put in place by the fact that every unit main intent is to preserve its life, this through the existence of the species it belongs to.
I see incredible scenarios about the possible social aspects of the natural selection theory applied to the composable information units, swarm computing theory derivation. is the super entity the result of driving chaos of units ' behaviour behind the common and single unit intent of survival ? What can produce a swarm of much more complex entities (for example units having social and ethic rules) when projecting the common super entity that will performe the natural selection of strongests units ? Yes this is already part of genetic programming, but what happens if the code tries to distil the creation of a swarm conscience in the context of the composable information unit theory ? The intent in this context so, is to use this collateral derived intelligence to drive the system equipped with this software. I need to go to read about natural selection and Darwin, topics like random mutations created by "nature" to produce better units.