Thursday, December 17, 2009

What if information (CIU) were measurable and numerically comparable ? Composable information units' chains can aggregate in one big chain of chains ?

When I think to a composable information unit chain, I see that one of the information unit in this chain could be an (x, y, z) position. This is an information made of 3 numbers. if two info units should be compared, this comparison would be numeric, to obtain the closest point, or the fastest. As echoes coming from virtualized sensors and actuators' invocation feedbacks are almost always numeric, so I can try to generalize and say that:

information units could be numerically comparable

here we are, we have now changed the original concept of composable information unit, onto composable comparable information unit

This should allow easier debugging of the units comparison actions' results.

Moreover, there could exist chains of composable information units chains. This would imply that system micro experiences, (micro means for me short in time), could aggregate spontaneously (spontaneously ? Wow..) in more structured and system relevant "experiences".

Chains of composable informaton units chains: spontaneous aggregation of short in time system experiences.

Question: should all composable information unit chains be part of one big overall chain ? Links between chains (and chains of chains) would be like synapsis ?