Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fix to data rendering for DTOs that have "setter" methods

Solution to data rendering for DTOs that have setter methods, could be actually easy. I will try making a call to send a write action notification whenever a "setter" or a "write to actuator" method is invoked (like driveLeft(), driveRight(), brake()). This should bring getters (like getCenterOfMassPosition(), getLinearVelocity()) and setters for data operations on virtualized sensors/actuators, at the same level of abstraction. At this point, this is the situation: virtualized sensors reading actions and virtualized actuators invokation actions can be represented with the same hardware-domain-neutralized objects. All the operations can be represented. Question is: operations need not only to be represented (I just did it hopefully), but also to be performed, of course for the operations of type "write" on actutators. If a "driveLeft()" call operation has been saved as performed, the same operation should be able to be replicated again. This way we are already facing with the needs of the agnostic decision maker working with relations among compose-able information unit.


Anonymous said...

While most of your conclusions are far beyond my ken, I can, at least, appreciate the clarity and complexity of your work.

Yours is by far the most intricate technical blog I've ever happened upon.

caramelleas said...

Well, actually the intent was to be clear, it's not a complicated topic when it is in my mind. Thank you for posting, I will do my best to be simpler. Thank you for giving me my first comment.

Hope for you you will have more interesting readings, less intricated :)