Tuesday, June 02, 2009

swarm-i code evolutions

Code in warm-i is now at this point: a simple vehicle using jbullet demo has been instrumented using jmx. This allow for virtual device aliases (plugged on the jbullet demo) to collect informations and push them into a "clock" that every "n" milliseconds set on configuration, group up these data bags received from different virtual sensors into snapshots of the system. These informations received have attributes. These are composable information units. There are interrupt generated values for collisions, a positioning system, dynamic parameter fluctuating as fuel and structural consistency. These decrease with time but could be increased when hitting a specific shape. Commands are also available to: brake, accelerate, turn right and left. These will be made available to the clock thread as well. Now problem will be two:

First: how to render these data (as specified before all are echoes from read input commands sent by the clock class, or unsolicited interrupt-like jmx notifications) into composable information units. These are already collected in bundles grouping them toghether for the unit of time they took place.

Second: interesting game, defining how to create relationsships to build composable information units' chains.

It is necessary to solve first point 1.

Second: how to start

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