Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cooperative intelligence, cooperative knowledge and social abstractions of swarm patterns

Crossing by car a street, coming back home yesterday, I went through a crossroads with a lot of glass pieces on the floor. Terrible to say, but a lot of cars almost every month crash there one with another, with the usual common problems. Obviously it is a problem for the traffic department, as that crossroads is error prone for humans driving vehicles. Going there driving, I was thinking to a new post here, and suddenly a strange idea came to my mind. Every driver that crashed his car there, now KNOWS that there there is a particular situation to take into account, and also who saw the crash happening knows and and is aware of this. Now... all the drivers that for a reason or another had the crash experience will obviously have the benefit of avoiding it. The remain of the drivers will potentially be subdued to the same risk. What's the difference ? Simple of course: the difference is in having the experience for that crossroads or not. Let's imagine now that some experience could be shared by drivers suddenly, in a sort of common knowledge base, populated by everyone and accesible to everyone. Let's say this would be a sort of Big Internet, based on drivers' personal experiences, using a knowledge base produced by the community of this knowledge contributors. Different type of experience, different knowledge context: cooperative shared knowledge. This fantastic landscape really seems a social abstraction of a swarm computing model. Moreover, let's think to the world wide web. May we consider that the WWW is just the first manifestation of a need for a real documentary social knowledge base, made feasible by technology ? What about the so called internet "social networking" ? Again, are humans "swarm-ing" their behaviour at least for information sources ? This would imply thar swarm approach is not unknown to humans as well, and that maybe it could be a relevant role in the "rotism" that build human social intelligence and knowledge.

Correct.: intelligence and knowledge, what is the relationship between these two "pivots" ? What's the interaction among swarm model, knowledge, intelligence ?