Sunday, May 04, 2008

A question about intelligence models


intelligence is the way of solving propblems using the best patterns, is intelligence itself a pattern to analyze and solve problems ? This doesn't want to appear as a pun, but, if this is true, so intelligence could be "taught" like every other "mechanism", design the mechanism and intelligence will not be anymore something special. Yes, we are still in the artificial intelligence toys context, and this is still a game, but this is maybe what is happening when trying to design an intelligent system: the draftsman copy its algorithm, or the algorithm he thinks to be intelligence, inside the system object of the design phase he is facing with. Does this mean that the only possible "intelligence model" is the human one ? So success in producing a non linear (that for me it means somehow intelligent) algorithm is "just" producing the most possible human-like one. What a pity, it could be so interesting to face with a model of intelligence, that is completely unknown.