Monday, July 07, 2008

Composable information unit 3D shape definition goes through single dimension abstraction definition

Let's assume code in Google is ready to produce informations to be transformed into a new java object, standardized for the application domain of the decision maker, via some interfaces ad hoc defined. These infos will be de-boxed and re-boxed into what has been previously defined compose-able information units. It is important to create a spatial 3D concetual shapes for the compose-able information units. This means that these units will be shapes, whose shape changes accordingly to their data content. Let's say a pojo whose value is an integer whose value is 3, will be a box, a pojo whose value is an integer whose value is 5 will be a sphere. This is very simplified, but could help in understanding as it really seems to me that human brain is more confident in approaching spatial problems. So: for this conceptual 3D shapes, how could be defined in term of software data representation, a single DIMENSION ? Every compose-able information unit will be threaded to become a virtual swarm belonging bee, able to link other bees. The behaviour of this swarm wil be translated into a system "expert" behaviour.

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