Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Collision detection

Reading and analizing ConcaveDemo, still from jbullet:

I changed the vehicle demo adding a callback for the collision. For sure collisions detected by the jbullet API layer, will have to cause an unsolicited message post from the virtual sensor port to the decision maker layer, inside the system. Position is instead read on demand with solicited port read commands, from the system decision maker to the virtual sensor port.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm using jbullet from

I'm using jbullet with some simple modifications in order to create a test world to link virtual sensors to the swarm-i system. The idea is to let swarm-i read from the VehicleDemo as it was reading from real sensors, and let the same swarm-i system drive the vehicle of the VehicleDemo sample. I added some more shapes like sphere and capsules, in order to associate some shapes with obstacles, some others with "things to search for", some others with dangers (capsules for example).

So, what could be better than a simulation API for physics ? It also allows a wireframe view in order to see relative reference system: