Sunday, April 06, 2008

Graphical generation of test data for the system

Doc Mud (thanks for the link to the great jbullet toy:,

to gnerate test numbers to let you play with high level (this.)system intelligence design, can we use povray ? No, he suggested blender3d and jbullet. This to allow us to use a physic simulation library, to go through a software design of the sample. The sample will run producing the numbers for the tests. Result should be: we will design the cube and add its physic features, for example a cube falling down, then capture the numbers we need. Ah ? :)

I dunno yet if it is feasibile (too night to test it now and tomorrow it is another bloody monday), but doing so, while you move your cube here running in the same jvm of the "system", postion of the cube is sent to the dummy devices (in real) time, these will post back to the virtual world values read, and transform what you do here on the guy, into composable information units !! Then it will be possible to apply different algorithm to collate composable information unit and have some experiment scenarios. Good lab to play.

PS: on try to run the demos. They are very interesting.

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