Friday, March 14, 2008

Recap and status update

Up to now a small result is the comprehension of the path followed to performe the first analysis part: it is small income but interesting.

First: define the distance between reality and the intelligence that have to understand reality

Second: provide abstraction for the level of complexity the system will digest

Third: design the "gnoseologia", whose translation in English I don't know, I'm sorry

Fourth: define subsystems, the low level layers abstracting the world or delivering infos to the intelligence upper-subsystem is essential and must be suitable for the target of the project in terms of functionalities and non functional features.

Note: system design try normalize data received by hardware abstracted, acting also like a normalized message router. This because common units can be manipulated when they are all flatted down to the same type of object (for the code, it will be the same interface).

Status of coding: as suggested by doc mud, the two observer/observable patterns have been replaced by a jmx implementation. Parts missing are:

From the virtual device alias ports, data must be rendered as generalized abstracted information units.

The intelligent agent, that will act like the class provided for this pourpose in order to have a sample:

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