Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pause prototyping and move on with lower level analysis

It is important to detail when the network numeric computation is used: some more detailed analysis is needed on the architecture of the decision maker. The virtualized world is in some way simpler to understand and with less risks.

A test on the network prototype takes too much time

It takes too much to compute ten input value on ten layers, 10 neurons per layer, using BigDecimal values with "," maybe it is better to test with integers and then performe some post processing on the result values. Maybe.

Software evolutionary prototypes, faseability

It is now time to proceed with some evolutionary prototypes :)
Starting to write some code, to define faseability for the hottest part: the sigmoid with back propagation, after some tuning on the values for weights, we have (code will be soon available):

These drawings are the result of the network procesing, providing a data model and real data. The red small boxes are the point produced by some ten neurons test, working only on Y.
An idea, not yet defined in details, these should be architectural components:

Another note on my ideas

I ask to myself:

when the first of a new one decision maker is created, it needs to find devices in its world: curious question: when a baby discovers his/her hands for the first time, does he/she know that that is an hand ? Ot it is known to the brain just as an "endpoint" ? Does the prisoner, the decision maker needs to do an auto mapping of all the terminations (or endpoints) that are present in the prison ?
Terminations can be grouped into two classes of elements:

1 capable of reading input from the world --> TERMINATIONS_INPUT
2 capable to modify - dping output - the virtalized world TERMINATIONS_OUTPUT

Hmmm, a termination capable of doing BOTH INPUT and OUTPUT from the world, is not one, it is two :)

and it could be discovered two times. No one needs to be aware that a termination capable of input is the same of one capable of output.

I can change my way to say, now, in accordance with this new idea: the auto mapping will be done on all the input interfaces and on all the output ineterfaces, where the distinguishing element is the input and output ability.

!!!! A piece of code developing a terminations capable of providing 3 input terminations, is one for the author of the code: they are 3 input terminations for the system :)

Approach to analysis

Strange element to analize in an OO approach: maybe I can try to use a reiterative incremental approach to have contimuous checks and feed back from my ideas. In this case tiers and layers are not common, layers will be just few, maybe; tiers: I need to think on this. Can't use a J2EE or SunTone (r) architectural model, not suitable in my opinion for the tiers I can see in the fog I still have in my plans :)

Need some thinking on this.