Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ideas on "soft" architecture

The system will keep in it leaving a nucleus free to behave and with a sigmoid back propagation engine, capable of some computation. Available to this numeric computational engine, will be a knowledge storage, as an in index of models available for processing by the numeric processor part of code. Looking at this:

I had a funny idea: a software agent capable of taking pseduo itelligent decisions, can't be more or less in any way directly interfaced to the real world. It must be left free to behave, "sure" to live in a world more suitable for its nature. For this funny idea, the "intelligent" agent will be as a prisoner in a virtualized code world, where it can do whatever he wants in an easy way for the coder and the tester. This virtual world will be instead a quite stupid software shell that - without saying the reality - to the intelligent prisoner, will translate real world data coming from sensors, into changes in the virtualized code world. Viceversa: every modification introduced from the intelligent prisoner (the computational intelligent decision maker) will be transformed to "impacts" on the virtualized world, and this virtualized code world will translate these modifications received, into output for actuators, for example. The virtualized world of code, the prison ( :] ) is just a shell simulating a convenient environment for my system kernel.

To recap: an intelligent decision maker using a network with back propagation numeric engine will live and behave and evolve as it likes, in a world that will undersgoes to the actions taken by the prisoner. This component will be called by me as the "prison". It will also change to the ineterface exposed to the prisoner, in accordance with what it will read via sensors from the real world:

1 prisoner-decision-maker
2 prisoner-decision-maker world (transponder from/to reality)

at this point a note:

the prisoner-decision-maker has rules, and priorities, has needs, has life conditions, and can die if it will not be succesfull. In this case a new generation of decision maker can be created automatically by an entity, a sort of "provvidence", to continue the system living. The prisoner death (a big system failure) event will be kept in the experience of the whole system, to try to avoid the same mistake again.
Software will be "non linear": this means that it will have an evolutionary routine and a sort of knowledge base. As time passes, the experience of the system need to evolve and cause the response of the software to be different. The system (made up in its scope of software only, at this stage) will keep experience also when switched off. It is expected that the software will be able to be better as "time goes by".

Software will use mainly java :)

Software will use Linux :)

Sources, also if with no value, will be open source and available to everyone who wants to loose some time.

Software will have lot of bugs :]

Hmmm... aree bugs some spontaneous native code intelligence to subdue ? Bugs... what a mistery are they.

Steps to proceed

Here follows a list of possible steps to go through (as this is an experiment, it can be found to be NON FEASIBLE at a certain point):

Main steps:

1 Create software as I want and can
2 Choose that hardware that is suitable for software needs and costs
3 Assemble 1 and 2
4 Tune
5 Find capabilities and hard limits

Nested steps:

1a Define requirements, what does this software need to do ?
1b Refine dreams with reality (skill, costs, time)
1c Increase success chances, build a prototype, then new versions, possibly everyone richer than the previous. This means obtaining results, and continue...

2a Choose hardware that will fit software, keeping in mind that this will be a mobile platform: software decides hardware.
2b Evaluate the whole cost: do/do not continue (the software will be the only deliverable: this is an experiment, I can do this)

What is this ?

Hello world :)

This is the diary of my experiment to play with code and robots.
I don't know theory, I have bad English but at the same time I love toys going around autonoumously. I'm not a student, I didn't graduate in electronics or physics, I have neither theory nor experience with this type of stuff but I like it, and being so ignorant in this allows everyone who wants, to give me advices.
This is only a game I play because I just like it.

Take it easy :)