Thursday, December 20, 2007

I have a question: what's the difference between swarm programming (where the swarm population is not made up of devices, of elettromechanical units) and neural networks ? Is there a virtual swarm programmin model, where behavioural composite programming can benefits of a logical model ? In other terms a swarm of software units whose every unit contribution is the same as that one of an "ant" or a "bee" for a real swarm. In these cases the trend of the swarm get advantage of the successfully trend of a unit. Units strive to "accunulate" around the correctly behaving one. Correctly means succesfully in terms of unit life intents. A neural networks is still a cooperative system ? Maybe not, as at the end of the day I see a neural network as an information unit weight router and switcher, every unit, every neuron has NO behavioural intelligence (a threshold is not intelligence). On the other side, a neural network is a good computation pattern more abstracted and recyclable. A swarm programmin seems to me another way to obtain neural networks results, with less generalized engine algorithm. Is this last one more "modern" and less computation power consuming ? I need advice.

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