Monday, May 07, 2007

Defining the model to study the compos-able :] information unit problem

Let's find a model to drive the technological archite
cture definition. To have an idea of what will be a composable information unit, we need first to have alook at it. As this would be the egg and the chicken problem, to have the composable information unit and to have it to study its nature and obtain the composable information unit itself, maybe it could be fine to dive into the world the composable information unit is an essential part of: let's create a virtual information unit generator, the simplest one, to derive the CIU itself (CIU is for me a Composable Information Unit). The simplest CIU generator is a virtual device able to do I/O and to generate according to its nature, some CIU. This will turn some light over the problem. Giving back a look at the virtualized world that was defined at the beginning of this blog, in the picture we see the virtual INPUT and OUTPUT devices. To use a model driven architecture to build the first CIU, let's use the virtualized world model proposed (again.. the one in the picture). This model can be seen as a physical one. Where pseudo physical rules rule. So, first step to dig into a CIU nature, is to define the simplest of its generator. This is possible, and not a recursive non solvable problem :]

I will build first a CIU generator: a virtual I/O device. This will drive next steps and give advices on the CIU features.

Eureka for me ! (I spent so much time in the traffic to find a solution)

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