Thursday, February 22, 2007

Simple composable information unit


the problem has now changed, the issue has moved to the need of having a new element, that is a self sufficient very simple object, whose shape is like a "ball" with many hooks. This information-balls :) flow in the environment and for their nature are able to link each other according to basic logic operations, like analogy, completion... and few others. This object can be a single thread, trying to build long chains of information units, like the components of a DNA. Just to play on this: a "threaded hashtable", serilizable, that links other information units. These chains can be cut and composed as well, and of course can be read and saved to keep memory of the knowledge acquired. I suppose that after that this chains have been built, it is simple to continue on a reiterative process, to make the system more and more complex. It is then a software problem, to read the chains and execute the logic kept in these. Hmmm... looking at this they seem an evolution of a neural networks and synapses, but not from a computational point of view, from an information composition point of view. Am I wrong ? World ! What do you think about ?