Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Steps to proceed

Here follows a list of possible steps to go through (as this is an experiment, it can be found to be NON FEASIBLE at a certain point):

Main steps:

1 Create software as I want and can
2 Choose that hardware that is suitable for software needs and costs
3 Assemble 1 and 2
4 Tune
5 Find capabilities and hard limits

Nested steps:

1a Define requirements, what does this software need to do ?
1b Refine dreams with reality (skill, costs, time)
1c Increase success chances, build a prototype, then new versions, possibly everyone richer than the previous. This means obtaining results, and continue...

2a Choose hardware that will fit software, keeping in mind that this will be a mobile platform: software decides hardware.
2b Evaluate the whole cost: do/do not continue (the software will be the only deliverable: this is an experiment, I can do this)

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