Sunday, January 28, 2007

Information composition and data input load mediation layer

To create entropy in the system, we can assume that an information composition agent can be useful.

Note: this is a concept, non a solution. To achieve the generalized composition strategy, many nested strategies can be used.

Note: with composition I mean mean not only analogy, but also other composition "algorithm" like negation, data patterns and data models etc.

Note: an artificial system, that wants to aim to hit off "reasoning" on data, can't hope to replicate the whole wide range of informations and composition "algorithm" humans have. Of course, to build something simple and possible, it is necessary to identify a subset of reality, a subset of composition "algorithm". For this pourpose, is again useful to have this "agent" living in a virtualized world where the coder can define rules, adding a layer between the so complicated real world, and the ability of the system. At this point I have another reason to insert the virtualized world between the system core and the real world massive input production. This element would be now also playing the role of an "information load" mediator.

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