Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another note on my ideas

I ask to myself:

when the first of a new one decision maker is created, it needs to find devices in its world: curious question: when a baby discovers his/her hands for the first time, does he/she know that that is an hand ? Ot it is known to the brain just as an "endpoint" ? Does the prisoner, the decision maker needs to do an auto mapping of all the terminations (or endpoints) that are present in the prison ?
Terminations can be grouped into two classes of elements:

1 capable of reading input from the world --> TERMINATIONS_INPUT
2 capable to modify - dping output - the virtalized world TERMINATIONS_OUTPUT

Hmmm, a termination capable of doing BOTH INPUT and OUTPUT from the world, is not one, it is two :)

and it could be discovered two times. No one needs to be aware that a termination capable of input is the same of one capable of output.

I can change my way to say, now, in accordance with this new idea: the auto mapping will be done on all the input interfaces and on all the output ineterfaces, where the distinguishing element is the input and output ability.

!!!! A piece of code developing a terminations capable of providing 3 input terminations, is one for the author of the code: they are 3 input terminations for the system :)

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